I’m a freelance writer with a background in academic research, public health, and communication. I also hold an appointment at NYU School of Medicine as an assistant professor of population health. Specifically, I study how the presentation of health information impacts the way people make decisions about health. 

My work has been published in medical journals, consumer magazines, trade publications, and text books. 

360 Health Media is a freelance writing business that I founded in 2010 while in graduate school. Writing for consumer health outlets helps me stay connected to lay audiences and “speak” in plain language about important health issues

As a lifelong learner, I hold a BA in English from the University of Virginia, Master of Public Health in behavioral science and epidemiology from Saint Louis University, and PhD in health behavior and health education from the University of Michigan. I regularly take short courses through organizations including the Society of Medical Decision Making, Society of Behavioral Medicine, and American Society of Journalists and Authors.